Hp C640 Pro Constant Bsods caused by audio driver's

My Chromebook hp C640 Pro has constant Bsods that are caused by audio drivers, sometimes audio just dies and requires to go on windows then services, and restarting windows audio, sometimes it just bsods 4 times a day with same error, it’s definetly not my laptop’s fault, my friend has the same laptop with same configuration, and it bsods sometimes aswell but not as constant as mine.

If someone has this laptop, you can occur this issue by playing audio and closing the lid, u have 30% it will bsod or 70% the audio dies and requires restarting the laptop. make u sure u close the lid atleast 3 times open it and turn on then close it and then open it and turn it on the close it and repeat this 3 times.

In event viewer before bsod there’s an error which states, The Intel(R) Content Protection HECI Service service terminated with the following error:
Unspecified error

Here’s the BSOD error

Same problem on my HP Blooglet

If anyone is able to reproduce this BSOD again, make sure to go to “Advanced System Settings” and set the dump type to “Kernel Memory Dump”

Then if you’re able to fetch MEMORY.DMP from C:\Windows, I should be able to figure out the cause of the crash.

Wasn’t able to reproduce the BSOD, but was able to get an issue with playback being non-functional after sleep/wake if audio is playing during sleep. Will investigate further

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I’ll try to reproduce this on my DRATINI

strange on DRATINI - i got the BSOD but it got stuck on 0% - so i hard rebooted and of course no DUMP file in %systemroot% =\

I updated the UEFI to and did a clean install of Windows 11, so far it seems to be solved. I turned on the kernel dump just in case.

It was happening all the time before, didn’t have one in two days now.

Nevermind it has happened 5 or 6 times since my last reply. Same problem as JoeM143 the kernel dump gets stuck on 0%

Edit 1: Had another BSOD, not csaudiointsof.sys and it did want to make a dump now. Probably it has another cause though.


SOF 1.0.3 is available from the portal and has fixes for the BSOD issue. Update to it and give it a try. Let me know if there’s any other issues