How would I contact "CoolStar"?

I’m tinkering around with the idea of building and selling “Winbooks” - Chromebooks with Windows 10 LTSC IoT imaged onto them, with the drivers preinstalled. Would like to contact them about the Audio Drivers (as the licensing system conflicts with the easy way of just throwing the drivers onto the ISO. every other driver works fine, but the Audio drivers require setup by the end users, which I’d like to avoid.)

you can already buy bulk licenses from the patreon site.

automating the license process might be a difficult task - which is doable - but you’d have to script it yourself.

preinstalling the drivers might be OK – its just each license is based off of the unit’s HDD (emmc/ufs/ssd)'s Serial# in addition to the processor type and possibly board name – so every unit would need a unique license generated separately (no bulk licensing as far as i know)