How to use ec commands programmatically without using ectool CLI

How to create a Rust program that communicates with the EC? Right now I’m calling the ectool command with Rust but it would be better to call EC commands directly.

Work in progress

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Is there a link to an issue or repo that I can check on or subscribe to?

The source should be available soon. For now you can try this binary

The plan is to make a rust library too

I’m glad that your favorite programming language (or at least one of your favorites I’m guessing) is the same as my favorite programming language. I’m curious, when did you start coding in Rust? I learned Rust in October 2023 and I immediately switched my preferred programming language from TypeScript to Rust.

The first time I used rust was when I worked on GitHub - death7654/Chrultrabook-Tools: User-friendly configuration utility for Chromebooks running an alternate OS

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