How to make use of storage, I have 32 gb emmc disk but fedora only uses 6gb

I successfuly installed fedora with uefi firmware on my lenovo 500e 2nd gen chromebook however I am having trouble with storage space and I cant get it to use the unallocated space. I have tried fdisk, gparted, disks app, but no success, please help me allocate more space to fedora and tell me what i should delete to make more space

Easiest way would be to re-install Fedora and before installing delete all of the partitions. You can do that by checking the “Free up space by shrinking or deleting existing partitions” and then in the modal click the “Delete all” button.

can you tell me which ones are safe to delete, for example this one is taking up the most space can i delete this

That’s probably a ChromeOS partition so it’s safe to delete, but you can mount it and look at the files to be sure

Wow your partition table is a mess. Why did you create two 1GB partitions?

As Rajas has said, the easiest way is to delete all of the partitions first and reinstall Fedora. There’s no point in you keeping ChromeOS on your disk, you cannot boot ChromeOS from MrChromebox’s UEFI firmware.

i think those are the old fedora partitions i reinstalled it 2 times

this is the files on it

i want to make sure that its safe to delete

Yes it is

As far as I can see you didn´t wipe the whole disk before installing Fedora, and all the ChromeOS partitions are still there! Unforunately Fedora doesn´t give this option to use the whole disk by default, during install. I would go for the option that ChocolateLoverRaj gives you, unless you exactly know what partition serves what function.