How to extract vpd.bin from flash.rom?

Heya. Just wanted to ask on how to extract vpd.bin from my rom after I extracted the rom file and how to put back vpd.bin after editing vpd.bin. I just wanted to change some localisation settings without disabling WP and using a CH341a flasher. Thanks for reading. Hope I can get an answer soon. Thanks!

If I’m understanding your question then you don’t need to extract a bin file, just use VPD tool to edit the rom file like this:

sudo ./vpd -f flash.rom -s “serial_number”=“newserial”

Or whatever vpd command you want to run

but how do u even get the vpd command on a linux computer lol. i thought it could only be installed on a chromebook. sorry if i wrote my question wrongly lol. if its possible, how do i install the vpd command on my linux computer?

sorry i just realised the command was lsvpd. sorry for my stupidity

Idk what lsvpd is but I use this

wget && tar -zxf vpd.tar.gz

k tysm

uhh getting an error saying exec format error cannot execute binary file when tryna run ./vpd

Take a picture of what you’re typing and the error

i did exactly what you said and it just said

./vpd Error: Cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

i think its because my architecture is aarch64 so vpd is incompatible with my linux distro so i might have to try installing another one to see if it works after

You will need to compile your own vpd binary

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