How i can fix this problem

it appears as if there isn’t a bootable OS on the system. you’re going to have to create a bootable USB to install an OS

yesterday i had the same issue

" You need to install a UEFI-boot capable OS from a properly formatted USB/SD device. If you’re creating the install media from Windows, use Rufus to write the ISO to USB.
If writing a Windows ISO, select the ISO, then set the Partition scheme to ‘MBR for UEFI’ or ‘GPT for UEFI;’ ‘MBR for UEFI-CSM’ will not work since CSM = Legacy BIOS and the UEFI firmware doesn’t support Legacy mode."

just click where no CSM is and flash file, if you want to use windows for Linux

“For a Linux ISO, select the ISO, then change the write mode from ‘ISO Image’ to ‘DD Image’ from the drop-down menu. As most Linux ISO images these days are compatible with both Legacy and UEFI booting, this ensures maximum compatibility.”

copy from Here