How am I supposed to get an OS on my chromebook with 12 partitions in the way?

It has NO space at all. I don’t even think I can install ChromeOS Flex. But maybe. I can’t install Windows, Linux, and MacOS isnt even possible for my chromebook. What do I do?!

erase the partitions

Thanks, i wasnt sure i could do that without killing the eMMC and UEFI loader.

Unlike android phones, all of that is in a SPI flash chip. It works the same as a regular laptop.

Here are a couple of website where I obtained information to update my obsolete Acer C720 Chromebook to run on ChromeOS Flex. I went one step further and replaced my 16GB SSD with a much larger one. An upgrade to 64GB SSD would be a good choice. You would use the Chromebook recovery tool to create a recovery USB thumbdrive, replace your exiting 16GB SSD with a larger one and do the recovery to the new 64GB SSD. This way you would have your 16GB as a backup.

Here are the basic places to update a Chromebook BIOS to UEFI type of BIOS. This is needed to be done as ChromeOS Flex will not install on the “stock” BIOS on an existing Chromebook.

These are the instructions that worked for me to turn my “no longer updatable” Acer C720 into a ChromeOS Flex notebook.


Well, I have a 32gb emmc, and my Chromebook is not acer. It’s Samsung (Samsung Chromebook Plus v2). I already KNOW about because that’s how I figured out I needed partition wipes. I know Flex exists and I have installed it before but it installs like Windows or Linux in the way that it needs a place to install into. If there is no space (i.e. partitions fill) then it CAN’T INSTALL which led me to make a post here. but, thanks for helping anyways!

open a terminal under a linux installer and run sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk0, in the fdisk prompt type g, enter, w, enter, then run installer.