Hey! Wouldn't mind some help on disabling W-P on the HP Chromebook 14A G5

So, I have done a few things. I have installed Legacy Boot with the Mrchromebox firmware utility acript which went all good, but because of silly write-protect I can’t really do a whole lot else. So I watched a quick tutorial on opening up the shell and had a look around, but couldn’t seem to find anything that looked like a write protect screw, or anything like that. I couldn’t find any documentation for the model on Google, so I thought my best try would be this forum. Appreciate any help.

What do you mean? If you have installed legacy boot already, your next step would be to boot and install an OS.

Yeah well I have had a bit of trouble with that. I had the U-BOOT and TIANOCORE options and couldn’t really decide what to pick…

Plus most of the OSes I could find said I needed to install custom firmware, which needs write protection disabled

You may be misunderstanding what that means. The RW_LEGACY payload is provided to you by MrChromebox, which makes it custom too.

You should try both to see if either of them work, otherwise you might have the same issue as this post.

alright, will check em out!

If you want to disable write protect to install full ROM, the docs tell you in detail the method used for every device.