Help to install linux/just make my chrome book modern chrome os

so recently i got a Samsung XE303C12 chrome book from a friend who doesn’t use it and it’s like 10 versions of chrome is making me not able to update it because of how old is it. it’s so old i can’t even flash linux on it and i can’t open dev mode if someone can help that would be great.

Heya Iceypie,

the XE303C12 is arm based and very old (like one of the first Chromebooks ever old), so it isn’t really compatible with any of the Chrultrabook project. Additionally, if you had a Chromebook that was x86 and compatible, using something like ChromeOS flex typically results in no sound and sometimes other things not working.

Not compatible with mrchromebox firmware script it is not on the supported devices list and its arm bassed according to chrx:

status CPU family notes
:white_check_mark: Intel Haswell Firmware update available (RW_LEGACY)
:white_check_mark: Intel Broadwell Firmware update recommended (RW_LEGACY)
:white_check_mark: Intel Skylake Firmware update recommended (RW_LEGACY)
:white_check_mark: Intel Kaby Lake Firmware update recommended (RW_LEGACY)
:white_check_mark: Intel Bay Trail Firmware update required (RW_LEGACY)
:white_check_mark: Intel Braswell Firmware update required (RW_LEGACY)
:white_check_mark: Intel Apollo Lake Firmware update required (RW_LEGACY)
:question: Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge Requires SeaBIOS with Legacy Boot capability
:question: Intel Pineview Requires SeaBIOS with Legacy Boot capability
:x: ARM ARM support is very unlikely

It may be compatible i just need the boardname

This project probably supports your Chromebook.