Help need with Pop OS sound fix

Could I suggest a USB sound card.Though I am not certain that it will work.

Have you tried sof-firmware?

Its probably in the pop store, if not found by Sudo apt-get install. It worked on my machine and i didn’t have to configure anything.

thanks for the help but I am no longer on pop os

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I have the same laptop, and i tested a lot of linux distros. The sound works perfectly with linux mint 21.3. With manjaro 23.1, it works but it has a lot of options when i want to adjust the volume. In debian 12 (interestingly) i have sound in the laptop speakers if i plug a headset in the jack.
Hope it helps.

happens to the best of us

I find that endeavour OS works quite well too,manjaro (sway) does indeed have sound support by default,no scrip needed.

sof drivers right??