Headphone jack not working after installing linux into chromebook

I recently installed Linux mint onto my Asus 311 Bobba C733 and the camera and audio jack won’t work. It doesn’t detect anything plugged into it. Is there a way to fix this?

Linux Mint is not supported. Install a supported Linux distro and then run the audio script.

  1. Did you install the full UEFI firmware mentioned in the docs
    Types of Firmware | Chrultrabook Docs
  2. Have you tried installing Mint Debian Edition? What about Pop!_OS? How is the audio functioning in there?
  3. Also mentioned in the docs is the audio script, has running that and rebooting upon completion helped with this?
    Post Install | Chrultrabook Docs

I installed pop!os now and ran the audio script but it still won’t work. Any way to fix it?