HDMI support for Lenovo 5i 13itl6

Hi, i got this chromebook (with 1115G4 cpu, 8gb ram, 128gb ssd) for realy cheap and managed successfully install Windows 11 thanks to Coolstar. It works pretty well, but i would like to ask if this device supports HDMI trought its usb c ports. I couldnt find much info about this device.

BUT, while installing windows i didnt buy Intel TCSS Thunderbolt 4. Could this driver enable HDMI support if i bought it?

Thanks for help.

Maybe if it supports PnP maybe windows can get a driver or find a generic drive may need to patch

Since i dont know the chromebooks model or boardname I can’t check if it is compatible i dont even know what brand

Maybe try reading the post?

Hi, sorry my bad. I should wrote it in post not in title.
Its Lenovo flex 5 chrome,13ITL6 with i3 1115G4, 8gb ram, 128ssd.
MTM: 82M70017GE. I dont know the type of mainboard, maybe bcs its modded now, so in CPU-Z it only says: Model:Lillipup, rev3.

Do ESC Refresh power and click tap and tell me what it says right next to HWID and right next to Read only firmware and active firmware id

So, i tried like 20times those key combination but didnt work. Guess bcs i have Win 11 on it. But took off the back plate and noticed small sticker, :

hope this helps.

If your Chromebook supports TB4 and you buy and install Coolstar’s TB4 driver, I see no reason why HDMI through TB4 wouldn’t work.