Google pixelbook go

Fancied giving windows 11 a go on my old pixelbook go, from looking at the chart it’s listed as compatible, but when I visit this link…

I pick Google, but on the CPU page mines not listed, so does that rule me out? Mines an i7-8100y.

From reading the details only the webcam doesn’t work, that’s no loss… The audio needs a paid driver, I did look into it, it’s a weird mess of a subscription to patreon to get access and then cancelling as it tries to bill monthly, but I see in the list you can buy bulk firmware downloads for people who do this a lot I guess, can I buy one of someone who has a block as I don’t have patreon? Or is that the only way?

Kind regards.


Ah it’s an 8500y my mistake, but still not on the list.

Driver licenses are locked to the specific CPU and drive it is activated on, so no you cannot use someone else’s. While it might not be ideal that Patreon is the only payment method for CoolStar’s drivers, it’s hardly difficult to create a free account, add your credit card details, subscribe to the correct tier for your Chromebook, and then cancel the subscription after you’ve purchased the driver.