Google Chromebook Pixel 2013 LINK Keyboard doesn't work in Windows (The device cannot start Code 10)

Hello, everyone. After flashing UEFI BIOS the keyboard is not working in Windows, only in BIOS. All drivers are installed. I have the The device cannot start Code 10 error. Please help. Have tried enabling/disabling it, reinstalling drivers.

right click, disable, right click, re-enable

Still doesn’t work.

Issue is with your setup/OS, just did a clean install of Windows 11 on LINK here, latest 2405.0 firmware, and no issues with the keyboard driver

I have reverted to Chrome OS, flashed UEFI BIOS again. Now the device manager shows no start Code error with the keyboard, but the keyboard is still not working. Have tried both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Keyboard works in BIOS and Linux without problem.