Geometry Dash or just steam games in general have no audio

Hello, not sure if this is the correct section to put this in but I installed linux on a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4. And I installed the game “Geometry Dash” The audio doesn’t come put of the speakers and I’m confused on how to fix it.

Do you have no audio in general, or just no audio when you play games?

I have audio just not when I play games not sure if its specific to steam.

And if this helps my friend who installed it for me just wants me to add that its a bluebird board running manjaro linux specifically.

That sounds like a Manjaro/Arch issue. I don’t use Manjaro, so I don’t know how to help, sorry.

I can give you some (very) general advice: check out the ArchWiki page for Steam, and ask on the Manjaro forums.

Okay, thank you for at least trying :slight_smile:

This used to happen to me. I think what fixed it is using pipewire instead of pulseaudio. It should work if you install Fedora 38 or Fedora 39. Maybe u can even switch to pipewire on Manjaro without installing a different OS.

Yes try pipewire with wireplumber. My audio script will increase the headroom which fixes issues like this. I assume it’s caused by too much audio data for the system to handle at once, since giving it time to catch up seems to fix the issue.