Flex 5 brigthness controll does not work after flashing windows 11

Hello, i have lillipulp i3-1115g4, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd, OLED display 13’3" with touchscreen, the laptop is Lenovo Flex 5i.

last evening i got the windows 11 installed to it, no problems, everything went smoothly as i followed the coolstart website, installed all the recommended drivers, most of the stuff works.

What works:
-Audio (paid drivers)
-Keyboard + keyboard light
-Wifi + bluetooth (worked even without drivers)

In generall the machine performs suprisingly well, no bugs or crashes, even installed steam and csgo 2 and played it.

My problems remaining are:

  • Display brightness controll is not working, it is always on MAX brightness, slider and key shortcuts work for the controll, but the display it self does not react for it, it is always at max brightness.

  • Fan is spinning very loudly, the fan is always at 100% even there is no load, changed thermal paste already so should be good, are there any custom fan controll curve software done by the community?

Main reason was for the windows 11 “upgrade” was the limited functions of the chrome OS, its amazing little portable laptop with great display and enough punch for casual use, but the software was too limited.

Did you install the Intel Graphics driver?

update drivers with driver updater software