Firmware Utility Script doesn't work on Samsung Chromebook 3 CELES

My Samsung Chromebook 3 CELES (I checked the model after a esc + refresh + powerbutton command) is listed on Supported Devices at Chrultrabook Docs.

But even after removing the WP screw on the back of the motherboard, putting on dev mode, and entering the code “cd; curl -LO && sudo bash”, the script doesnt ask me if I want to disable WP to proceed using UEFI (which documentation said I’d have to do), it just shows me that FW WP is enabled and the other options.

one of those reasons got me wrong:

  • I misinterpreted my model XE501C13-AD2BR as Samsung Chromebook 3 and then the utility script isn’t compatible with my hardware.


  • I did some steps wrong


What got me wrong? And what can I do about it to let me have linux on my dear chromebook? :frowning:

note: I followed this tutorial on youtube along with documentation: (

The script can’t disable SWWP if HWWP is still enabled. You either have the wrong screw or the screw pads are damaged/dirty

strange, on the tutorial I checked, the script showed a message asking if its okay if it disables the person’s WP, you can check on 11:25 in the link I put on the first comment

Yes, that’s software WP. It can’t disable it if hardware WP (the screw) is still enabled

Which I already removed

Did you do read what I said??

Sorry man but I can’t understand what I am doing wrong yet

That screw pad does not look good - it’s probably still making contact. Clean it or scrape off some of it to make sure the pads aren’t bridging. Before even attempting to run the script again, run the command

crossystem | grep wpsw

and if it doesn’t return 0 then hardware WP is still enabled