Finished changing chrome OS to Win 10 but drivers for "JasperLake" missing. (Acer -Magpie board)

I feel dumb asking this question (I feel the answer so close, but yet fustrating)
I read mr chromebox post on supported devices and my acer chrome was on list
"magpie"board with - Interl “JasperLake”

But on another post of Mr Chromebox he lists the device drivers for
Apollolake/GeminiLake/Kabylake/Skylake - but not JasperLake…

Anyone know where to find Jasperlake drivers for my touchscreen/audio/keyboard remap
Same as the other lakes?

Trying not to loose any more hair, stressing about this question. I have it all done not
being able to use my labtop frustrating… Who ever has the time to reply to this will
be paid forward - good karma!

thank you!

Are you checking on Reddit? The subreddit hasn’t been updated in ages.

You can find the updated list of supported devices at Windows 10 or 11 on chromebooks

Did you get your resolution