Fatal error trying to install Zorin OS 17

RW_LEGACY does not support NVRAM entries. Either install grub manually by chroot from a live environment or install a distro that does not add boot entries to NVRAM.

I didn’t use the Legacy. I did it the uefi way

As Zorin OS does not ship with up to date kernels, as they are based on Ubuntu, we recommend taking a look at the recommended Linux distros to start with: Installing Linux | Chrultrabook Docs
Also, we here on this forum will be able to help you a lot more if you can share more information about your board name etc with us:
Finding System Info | Chrultrabook Docs

It’s a Dell Chromebook 3100, Intel GeminiLake I believe. I used the iso for Zorin OS 17.1

Please see the links that I sent.

Ok so why aren’t Ubuntu based distros supported? Cause Zorin is the only Linux I’ve ever used because its so nice. Should I try to put MacOS on it instead? I was about to buy a MacBook tho

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Because it’s a mess of a distro. Ubuntu = Debian testing + snap + spyware/bloat

Then you should troubleshoot this issue yourself by trying a different distro.

Well the computer died cause apparently it got unplugged, but I turned it back on and it didn’t have the USB in it and it booted just fine. Soooo yeah