Fan speed in Debian 12 on Acer 713 2W KLED

I recently installed Debian 12 on my Acer 713 2W, KLED. It was full UEFI ROM from MrChromebox. It’s running well, looks good, sounds good (thanks to the audio fix), but the fans are roaring. The fans were mostly quiet under ChromeOS with the occasional spin up. Now can feel a breeze when looking down my screen at the vents and my lap is getting cold.

I installed lm-sensors and am getting CPU temps in the mid- to high-30s. I was able to get ectool (from WeirdTreeThing) to manually set fan speed using fanduty and set it back to auto and it goes right back to full bore. ectool gives similar temps to sensors, too.

Are there any fixes out there aside from manually setting speeds with ectool? I couldn’t find any fan speed controls within coreboot settings.

I declined to use the custom kernel with the audio tool since I didn’t want to do that just for an audio issue. Does the custom kernel fix more than just audio?

Incidentally ectool console was reading battery at like 93% while charging but my system bar showed 100%. Not related, but that’s an investigation for another day.

So, in my continued search for a solution I went back to the Post Install page on the Chrultrabook Docs site. I had repeatedly missed the “TIP” at the top of the page for some reason. I grabbed the Chrultrabook-Tools.

The appimage doesn’t run because it wants a different version of glibc (2.38). I’m on 2.36. I’m not ready to mess with my glibc, can I make my own appimage with my version?

I’m far from an expert but I know enough to know that I don’t know enough.