Error with flashing, need some help here

Installing Full ROM firmware (may take up to 90s)

Error running cmd: /tmp/flashrom -p internal:boardmismatch=force --ifd -i bios -N -w coreboot_edk2-pasara-mrchromebox_20240416.rom >/dev/null 2>&1 -o /tmp/flashrom.log

Press enter to view the flashrom log file, then space for next page, q to quit

This is the error i get, but i cannot reboot, I would like the full firmware instead of RW_LEGACY

Device info:
** Device: Gateway Chromebook 15 (PASARA-TZNR)
** Platform: Intel JasperLake
** Fw Type: Stock ChromeOS
** Fw Ver: Google_Pirika.13606.502.0 (10/20/2022)
** Fw WP: Disabled

Note I am not in stock ChromeOS, this appears AFTER the fail

Upload the full log (/tmp/flashrom.log) so we know what the error actually is

if your expecting me to paste, its over 7.8MB, so heres a gdrive link:
log file

whoops, wrong log, that was a different time, let me get the proper one, (in the meanwhile see if you can find anything regardless)

correct file

… hello?

if your analyzing the files still, my bad.

… uh.

It’s not accessible / shared


srry for being impatient, i just wanna fix this to run winodws, continue your shit, ill most likely be outside. If you wanna, and have discord anyways, add me to make it easier