Error installing linux

Last month i flashed my bios to install windows but turned out it wasn’t possible as I’ve Chromebook 11 3189 so i reverted back to chromeos. But since then I’m unable to run playstore in it (error code 7)

… Neither Linux is turning on… Can anyone guide me how to fix these?

Greetings. This forum is dedicated to installing and supporting the install of custom firmware to run alternative operating systems on your Chromebook. As such, this is not a ChromeOS support forum.
If you’re interested in running a full Linux install, here is a link to the docs.

Well it happened to my device because i followed the instructions given on the chrultrabookdoc so if I’m not going to ask here where m i going to?

How was the BIOS flash not possible?

I flashed the bios to install windows as according chrultrabook my device was compatible for windows 10, but later i got to know that I can’t bcz of low storage… so i asked for help here and they suggested linux, went through all possible options i had linux etc got stuck bcz nothing was working for me as linux isn’t so user friendly and at the end reverted to ChromeOS. From start to end i was following chrultrabookdocs and never got warning like this that my linux and playstore won’t work after reverting back beside bricking the chromebook which didn’t happen. But something new has happened and now i don’t know how to fix it.

Can you use Linux/play store on EOL devices?

Which Linux distros did you try?
Fedora should have been pretty easy and straightforward. Use something like BalenaEtcher to flash their .ISO file to a flash drive if all you have are Windows/Mac computers, then boot up the Chromebook while tapping Esc, then go to the boot menu and boot the flash drive. The Fedora installer is something my older uncle went through fine with in the past, where were you struggling with the install of distros?

We also still don’t know what your board name is

I mentioned tht I’m using ChromeOS now… I tried gnome previously but tht doesn’t matter as I’m not looking to install any Linux… I’m just saying tht since i have reverted back to chromeos my playstore isn’t working giving error code 7 and my linux isn’t turning on… And EOL was last year still it was working fine till i flashed BIOS