Dualboot possible or not?

Is it possible to dualboot Chrome os and windows?

hp c1030

Dual booting ChromeOS and Windows on a Chromebook is only supported in the same way that you can dual boot on a regular PC. This is beyond the scope of this project and you may want to check out Brunch and linuxloops. Brunch also has a subreddit.

Please note that you will have to flash MrChromebox’s full UEFI firmware first, regardless, and that it is generally best practice to install Windows before attempting to install ChromeOS.

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So if i understood you right:

I already have chromeos, i have to

  1. install MrChromebox’s full UEFI firmware
  2. install Windows
    And after that if i want to use chromeos, i can dualboot with Brunch or FydeOS

No way to keep the official chrome os and add windows?

That is completely correct! I’m glad you understood what I was trying to say.

No, unfortunately.

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Thank you!

I’m pretty happy with chromeos , but as always some apps demand windows.

Reverting from MrChromebox’s firmware is possible?

Yes, reverting to stock firmware is possible. Instructions on how-to are on this page of the docs: Reverting to Stock chromeOS | Chrultrabook Docs

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Thanks again, everything is clear now :slight_smile:

mrchromebox site is down ?