Driver's for acer 516GE chromebook, figuring out price?

I have an acer 516GE chromebook, and am considering trying windows on it. I believe I want to purchase the SOF/USB4/TB4 driver combo on, but as far as I can tell the price is $30/month. Is this correct? I would expect a one time fee for a driver purchase, not an ongoing monthly fee. Am I confused? Am I supposed to sign up for the $30/month, and then cancel it?

I have not attempted a windows install yet. I have experience with flashing the eufi bios and installing linux from usb. I have a bootable windows iso that appears to boot, and a windows licence key.

I really wish I could dual/boot chromeos and windows, but that seems to be impossible from what I have read. I tried out eufi/brunch based chromeos a while back, but internal sound (speakers and headphones) did not work, and I wasn’t able to figure that out. If there is any guidance on dual booting chromos and windows, pleease let me know.

Yes, you are supposed to sign up and then cancel. The drivers are a one-time purchase and not intended to be a recurring subscription.

Once you have signed up to the SOF+TB4 tier on Patreon you can create an account on CoolStar’s driver portal and select the drivers that you need for your device.