Do eGPUs work on Linux on Chromebooks with Thunderbolt 4?

Has anyone tried to use an eGPU on Linux on a Chromebook? If so, are there any issues / instructions in addition to External GPU - ArchWiki?

I had some experience setting up an eGPU on a normal Linux laptop before, using that wiki. When trying it on BANSHEE, it has a pretty similar setup, with one catch: you need to manually set the relevant type-c port into TBT mode using ectool for the GPU to be detected (assuming you already have the modprobe type-c service running).

Other than that, you’ll do just fine by following the guide on how to get normal Linux laptop connect to an eGPU (e.g. by using a switching script like GitHub - dangreco/gnome-egpu: eGPU switcher for GNOME using udev rules)

Thanks for the info. I already have to use ectool to set the USB-C port to DP mode so needing the command for TB4 mode isn’t a big deal. How is the experience with hotplugging and unplugging on Wayland (general Linux question)?

To be honest it’s not that great. Because of it, out of habit, I always turn off my laptop before unplugging and turn on after plugging. Hotplugging works better than unplugging, since the GPU-connected screens would get detected but the iGPU would still be responsible for rendering them. Hot-unplugging would freeze the laptop in my experience. Perhaps there are some work to be done about the graphic driver handover.