Disable write protection help

I Am trying to do the jumper method to disable right protection on my Chromebook so that I can download Ubuntu But I am un knowledgeable on how to do this and I’ve been trying everything I can find on YouTube and in the discord if somebody could please assist me so that I can uninstall chrome OS and disable right protection, and install Linux It would be greatly appreciated

Acer Chromebook (2023) CB-315-4H series
Model NO. N21Q9

The circled in Red is the chip to be flash/unlocked
I believe one of the two circled in Yellow is the jumper.
Maybe others can chime in to know for sure. Or you can try one pair and see if WP is disabled – then try the other pair

What would I use to jump it and what are the parameters

use that same wire you posted on discord and just solder the ends with a soldering iron and some Lead. (i have a Hakko 936 ESD for my soldering) - but since I have a SuzyQ cable, I haven’t had a need to jump any of my CBs. i just do the CR50 method.

But once “bridged” it should look similar to this stock google search photo
not the cleanest - i would heat those points more till you get a shinny look

alternatively, you can just solder the two points together like this
and it should give the same bridged effect.

Use a multimeter to verify continuity

I would also get some soldering wick to remove it - or just heat it up till you can remove it- if it ends up being the other ones

i dont know what you mean by parameters.
But to test - just put it back together - boot it up and run mrchromebox’s script and see if WP is disabled and allows you to flash UEFI on the device.

Will it damage it if it’s the wrong hole? Or can I do both

Every time I run kali with persistence on my Chromebook it has to repair itself? Why is this?

im confused, i thought you were trying to disable WP with jumpers

I am but will that continue to happen should’ve made a new thread

I am with you trying to figure this out I have the same model any luck so far? cant really find a straight answer so its the jumper method and not the cable?

this explained a lot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms_hBXkIhUc&t=286s

It’s this one. No soldering needed.

is that copper? can I use a silver paperclip ?

Yes, it’s copper. Paperclip is possible but from experience of talking to people trying to use one, maybe not. I often use tweezers.

okay I just sourced a small peace of copper from a cable cord going to see if that works thanks for the reply