Disable write protect trouble

I have had trouble with disabling write protect on my acer chromebook 315. I’m trying to instal kali Linux on it and cannot get the jumper method down. I’m not sure if I’m connecting the correct pins or connecting them properly. I would much appreciate some assistance. I’ll attach images if necessary.

I’m also unable to find any videos regarding this.

If you do a ESC-Refresh-Power (hold down ESC-Refresh after it reboots) – you should see near the bottom of your screen showing the Board name of your Acer CB315 - this should give us a better idea on what WP Disable Method(s) you have for that particular model.

if you are still unsure, screenshot/picture helps as well

according to MrChromebox.tech
MAGMA is your board name

Looks like you either can do CR50 (which requires a SUZYQable)
Jumpers (we might need a high res photo of your motherboard to determine jumper points)

Ok so I decided to run kali Linux from a usb instead of putting it on bare metal. Whenever I boot kali off the usb and goto download kali usb with persistence it starts and the ruins the Chromebook and I have to reinstall chrome OS and it’s happened twice now? Why won’t it download the persistence on the usb I can only run the live version and loose all of my data should I do this on a external SSD instead?

I need help finding my jumpers as well

Please make a new topic if you also need help - this one is assumed already resolved and the visibility of your question will be limited.