Device doesn't support CCD correctly?

So I chrultrabook’d an HP 11 G8 EE. There were a few minor hiccups like the fact that it wasn’t explained that while the ccd and wp steps were done as root, the firmware script had to be done as not root, but that was easy to research, and there was some other random gotcha that I can’t remember, but overall the process took maybe an hour tops, so with some decent firmware in place I installed Ultramarine Linux and everything is honky dory dory.

I also have an HP 11A G8 EE that I’m trying to chrultrabook. And I’ve run into a brick wall. I have enabled CCD and I’m back in developer mode. However, I can’t seem to get the /dev/ttyUSB* to show.

Based on other things I found online, I checked dmesg after plugging the SuzyQ in and I see that the google converter is detected, it attaches to ttyUSB0, then I get something about GPIO lookup, then it says no GPIO consumer dmic found, and “DMIC gpio failed err=-2”

It does this same thing for ttyUSB1 and ttyUSB2
Then it disconnects the usb port.
Also getting messages about over-current protection on that usb port. says to try “stop permission_broker” and that doesn’t seem to change a thing.

Is the 11A physically damaged or did my SuzyQ somehow get damaged in the protective bag I put it back in or is the AMD model just trash and I should put it to its true use, as a frisbee?

I also tried this and that didn’t work either.

Well I bit the bullet and did the battery trick. Also bent the crap out of the battery pins cuz I thought it was a lift-up battery attachment not a peel-back-the-tape-and-pull-back battery attachment but I bent them back its fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I can’t find the flash drive I flashed ultramarine linux onto so I’m flashing a new drive and doing that. Another internet dead end. Sorry to the next person.