Dell Chromebook 11 3180 speakers not working after installing audio script

Hello. I currently am having issues with the speakers on my Chromebook 11 3180. I am using Q4OS trinity (based on Debian). The problem I am currently having is that the speakers don’t work. However, if I connect my bluetooth earbuds, those work. I installed the audio script already, and previously I tried fedora xfce which also suffered from the same issue (though I did not check if bluetooth worked with that distro).

Running the audio script should automatically download and install the custom kernel needed on Debian-based distros, although it’s possible that because you’re using Q4OS the script did not recognize that you were using Debian. You can find the kernel here.

Fedora doesn’t require the custom kernel so I’m not sure why your audio didn’t work then.

I see. I think I’m going to switch back to fedora xfce and see how that goes. Would it be a better idea to install to the internal storage or to my SD card? On my first 2 tries I installed to the 16gb emmc, but I would like to install most of my applications to the sd card.

If its the script provided by it doesent work for me either. I installed ubuntu but with no luck of the audio working. Followed all the steps and still nothing.

Run the debugging script on the docs.

I did run the debugging program. Is the problem python? I did an apt/dnf install of python on both fedora and q4os, but both times it just said something like “python is up to date” so I went ahead.

I think the problem may be my laptop itself. I ran the fedora xfce live environment and the sound wouldn’t work. It also came with some issues out of the box, like a broken audio jack and usb-a port. I’ll update this if anything changes, but for now I’m going to try to unclog the audio jack and use bluetooth.

Ok, I managed to fix the problem. What solved it was going into volume control, going all the way right into Configuration, setting Built-in Audio to “Pro Audio”, and setting firefox, for example, to “Built-in Audio Pro.” Now the sound is playing on firefox. I’m going to test in on other applications.