Debian-Linux Kernel

First, huge thanks to all who have created and developed chrultrabook. This has saved my Asus C302CA from landfill after it’s ChromeOS went EOL.

I installed Debian and then GitHub - WeirdTreeThing/chromebook-linux-audio: Script to enable audio support on many Chrome devices, accepting the prompt to install an updated kernel.

A few days later, Debian updates installed a newer kernel, breaking audio support. This was easily fixed by uninstalling the original Debian kernel package and running grub-update to fix the boot.

I have a couple of questions about the Chrultrabook debian-kernel:

  1. Is GitHub - chrultrabook/debian-kernel: CI for building custom kernels for debian the right source of the Chrultrabook kernel?

  2. references a “$ROOT/patches” directory, but this does not exist in the current github. Am I right to assume that “patches” is currently empty, so that the debian kernel repository is primarily a kernel config?

Many thanks


I believe that WierdTreeThing has fixed his scripts for the latest Debian now