Curl Command on VT2

I am only able to run sudo commands through VT2 but i cannot copy and paste or use capital letters for the exact command so i write -lo, whenever i write the command it says curl(2) no URL Specified! I am so confused.

Could you share a photo of the terminal when trying to type the command?

It should look exactly like this:

cd; curl -LO && sudo bash

Also, is Shift key working on ChromeOS desktop? Trying to exclude hardware failure.

It’s -LO capital O as in “oh” not the number 0

If that doesn’t work, try -LOk

Sorry for the late reply i didnt see the email, i reset the chromebook but basically my issue is i cannot use caps lock. It works fine outside of vt2

I know but i cannot use my caps lock for this, i know a lowercase “o” would refer to a file not a link but my caps lock even with an external USB keyboard does not work on vt2

you won’t be able to use capslock in VT-2, hold shift

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Thank you so much!