Curl 23 error plss help me

I don’t like the script after writing it it gives me an error. Curls 23 Failure writing output to destination

Why are you running it as root?

ah why is that the source of the problem? because in an Italian tutorial it told me to run as root badly asking for the password but it’s better to use login:chronos from what I understand, other people tell me it’s in wp but I removed the battery

It’s because you’re running it as root.

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Thx for the answer, tommorrow i’m training it

Yo @Domslayer342
how did you fix the curl 23 problem you were having in vt 2

You fix it by not running the script as root.

You can login as chronos instead of root and use the cd; curl -LO && sudo bash command and it should work. Even if you have WP enabled the script should run but you won’t be able to write the full firmware.