Ctrl - Alt - F2 doesnt work


I try to install ubuntu on my Lenovo, ive done dozen old lenovo chromebooks from 2017 with the ctrl - alt - T. But there is one of 2021, and its a newer version, that require the ctrl - alt - f2 function in the inlogschreen, but nothing happens. The keys work just fine when I log in. Anyone knows why this happens?

What do you mean? When does Ctrl + Alt + F2 work and when does it not work?

are you in Developer Mode?


I just do what is written on the side of mrchromebox, which is: "Under ChromeOS, starting with R117, this script must be run from a VT2 terminal (from login screen: CTRL+ALT+F2, login ‘chronos’) "

When i follow these instructions, nothing happens when i press CTRL+ALT+F2.