Could not get keyboard backlight or touch pad to work on windows 11

Hi Everyone.
So I double checked firmware it is 4.22.2 the newest one.
I bought a CCD cable from ebay and it did work as a suzyq cable.
W/P protection was disabled following steps.
Installed windows 11 from the coolstar guide via rufus. GPT
After that I clicked rufus options as
#1 remove requirement for 4GB+ RAM Secure boot and TPM2.0
#2 Remove requirement for an online microsoft account.
Then next step on windows 11 installation I did not do bypass windows 11 installation check.
I then installed wifi drivers before installing Visual C++
May I know what is my best actions to take for keyboard backlight and touchpad to work?
Thank you very much!

which device are you using?

Model is Acer Chromebook 516GE.
Thank you

Quick update.
So after auto install intel ps1 part I retried it. Now touch pad works fine. Still the chrome keyboard ec does not work(no backlight).
After installing chrome EC driver, device manager shows driver version is Events show that Device ACPI\GOOG0002\1 requires further installation.
Chromebook keyboard settings&buttons show driver and events show Device ACPI\GOOG0007\1 requires further installation.
Hope this would help on solving this issue.
Really appreciate your help.
Thank you!

I’m on 4.21 still (haven’t updated yet :P) with Windows 11 Pro 22H2

But my RGB Keyboard lighting works with the following commands:

!!Run Command Prompt as Administrator!!
%programfiles%\crosec\ectool.exe kblight 100
%programfiles%\crosec\ectool.exe rgbkbd demo 1

you can see if that does anything? lmk im curious if i should hold of on updating too :wink:

C:\Windows\System32>C:\programfiles\crosec\ectool.exe rgbkbd demo 1
The system cannot find the path specified.
C:\Windows\System32>C:\programfiles\crosec\ectool.ext kblight 100
The system cannot find the path specified.
Attempting to try reinstall windows 11 pro 22H2 in my case. Should I re-flash firmware ver to 4.21 or would it not matter for fireware?
Thank you for your input!

u should do the variables with the %
%programfiles%\crosec\ectool.exe rgbkbd demo 1

or do can do (with qoutes)
“C:\Program Files\crosec\ectool.exe” rgbkbd demo 1

Sure here is the update
C:\Windows\System32>“C:\Program Files\crosec\ectool.exe” kblight 100
Unknown command ‘kblight’
C:\Windows\System32>“C:\Program Files\crosec\ectool.exe” rgbkbd demo 1

Seems likely the rgbkbd demo 1 worked?
Just re-installed to 22H2 pro win 11 and typing on the os now.
Backlight still not working. Last step is prob re-flash to 4.21?
Thank you for your help!

Great News! After all the updates and re-trying to install crosec. I clicked the crosecservice.exe and keyboard back light just magically start working.
Problem must be that the 23H2 is using dynamic lights I guess.
Thank you very much!!!

“C:\Program Files\crosec\ectool.exe” rgbkbd demo 0
turns off RGB lights for me while

“C:\Program Files\crosec\ectool.exe” rgbkbd demo 1
turns it on

i am using crosec2.0.2-installer.exe within Windows 11 Pro 22H2
with beta Firmware: MrChromebox-4.21.0-8-g26114093aa-dirty
that i VPD’d and flashed manually with flashrom - just FYI

Hi Joe,
Me Again, just wondering about the type C port on 516GE.
Would it work with HDMI to type C cable? Planning to plus in two external monitors. 1 with Type C port 1 with HDMI port.
Do I need the driver to make type C port to work?(Thunderbolt 4 driver I guess)
Thank you very very much!

Yup --you need TB4 drivers from Coolstar.
I was able to do extended Desktop (with TV as a secondary display) while using the laptop’s screen as primary. like a Dual Monitor configuration - and just drag a browser to other screen (TV) and full screen mode it there.

Mirror Display also works (but had to reduce resolution to properly fit some older TVs)
This was while using one of those cheapo amazon USB-C Hub that has multiple USB A ports + an HDMI connector.

Only issue i had (and i think this might be resolved now with latest SOF Drivers per coolstar - but i havent tested lately) was the HDMI sound - During vacation it was only coming out of laptop speakers . Luckily the living room in the timeshare had Bose speakers that were bluetooth pairable so ended up doing that with osiris at the time for sound.