Corrupted firmware for Thinkpad C13

Good day/night,

While trying to update firmware for the Morphius/Thinkpad C13, for the version with trackpoint, we’re getting the following error:

Select a numeric menu option or
R to reboot  P to poweroff  Q to quit 

Install/Update UEFI Full ROM Firmware

IMPORTANT: flashing the firmware has the potential to brick your device, 
requiring relatively inexpensive hardware and some technical knowledge to 
recover.Not all boards can be tested prior to release, and even then slight 
differences in hardware can lead to unforseen failures.
If you don't have the ability to recover from a bad flash, you're taking a risk.

You have been warned.

Do you wish to continue? [y/N] y

Enable Trackpoint device?

The trackpoint has issues with the current Windows drivers, so
if you plan to run Windows, choose the DISABLE option.
If running Linux, then choose ENABLE.

Enable (E) or disable (D) the Trackpoint?

Enter 'D' for Disabled, 'E' for Enabled: E

Downloading Full ROM firmware

Firmware download checksum fail; download corrupted, cannot flash.

Press [Enter] to return to the main menu.  

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I am having the same error on my ThinkPad C13 (Morphius).


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That did it, thanks!

I can now install the trackpoint-enabled firmware, Thanks!
However, doing so installs a version from 01/22/2024 (coreboot_edk2-morphius_tp-mrchromebox_20240122.rom) even though the utility says there is an update available from 02/23/2024.
I tested reinstalling the trackpoint-disabled firmware and it downloaded coreboot_edk2-morphius-mrchromebox_20240223.rom, but after installation it says it’s a version from 02/13/2024 and still says there is an update available from 02/23/2024.

I also see what Muppet mentioned for 1/22

Feel free to close this, as it’s been a while and I think we’re all good.

there is no more separate trackpoint-enabled firmware. It’s always enabled now. please update to 2405.0 and confirm everything working properly there