CoolStar SST Audio(AVS) driver does not work on Acer Chromebase 24v2 (KARMA)

Hello. I bought the CoolStar SST Audio(AVS) driver for Acer Chromebase 24v2 (KARMA). After installing the driver, there is no sound and video from the Internet has stopped playing. 3 devices appeared in the device manager: CoolStar SST Audio(AVS), Dialog Semiconductor 7219 Codec, Maxim 98357a I2S Amplifier. No errors found . Windows 10 PRO 22H2 installed. Coreboot v 4.22.
I tried all possible options. Your driver does not work on this hardware.

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Hi, excuse me I’m not going to answer your issue, I have a question for you, I have an acer chromebase ca24v2 that I am trying to convert over to Windows. I flashed the firmware following the instructions on MrChromebox’s website.
After rebooting I got a black screen, fortunately I have a backup of the original firmware which I flashed with an eprom programmer. The device is back to normal.
Can you tell me how you converted your device to Windows? What firmware version did you install? Thanks a lot!

Run windows update and pre-requisite drivers on coolstars site. You must be connected to internet while installing the drivers

After the firmware, the image is displayed only through the HDMI connector to another monitor. After installing Windows and drivers, the image will begin to be displayed on the inner screen. Unfortunately, in order to go to BIOS, you need to connect an additional monitor via HDMI connector.

Windows drivers have nothing to do with the video output when booting. This is false