Coolstar Sof driver for intel is not working fine

This is about the Coolstar Sof driver for intel is not working fine
It keeps crashing window again and again i have 3 chromebook with the same fault and after uninstalling the audio driver it works completely fine with iti have asked for help in discord sever but anyone is not helping with it

Could you share the following information?

  1. Version of Windows (and if installed from official media or a modified variant)
  2. Installed Coreboot version (see UEFI menu, accessible by pressing Down arrow while powering on the chromebook)

I have installed windows 10 and bought genuine product key Chromebook model is Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 i5 10th Generation coreboot is latest because i gave install windows 2 weeks ago
I was kicked out from chromebook discord server because i was just asking how to fix my problem because all of my chromebooks have the same problem of window bluescreen error if you are from admin please unblock me from chromebook discord server

Use windows 11.

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Should be fixed in the latest SOF update

Iā€™m having this issue too but I have no idea where to install updates! License manager shows nothing - presumably as I have already installed the older driver on my device. Please could you point me in the right direction?