CM34 (frostflow) Adrenalin driver

Got an asus cm34 flip, flashed uefi, it failed verification on one block, but i assumed it was a read hiccup do to using a probe by hand since clip wouldn’t contact. All drivers installed, aside from (incompatible hardware) error with amd adrenaline. Im 90% sure a reflash would fix it, but my question is, is it worth the trouble? How bad is the performance hit? Chipset driver installed, its the 7320c with 8gb, and a 1tb 990pro. Currently stream games through steam link, and it seems to play fairly smooth at 1080p. Audio, touchscreen, bt and wifi working. Im content with it, but im on the fence. Id have to recreate my ubuntu media (overwrite for windows 11 install), prep firmware with vpd again etc etc… Im really on the fence about messing with it. Can anyone tell me what im leaving on the table here? Or possible variables aside from firmware? Any input welcome!

you’ll want to force install the AMD GPU driver from device manager. Navigate to the inf in C:\AMD and install. Then in device manager right click on Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, select driver you already installed, and then pick “AMD Radeon 610M”

Sweet, ill give that a shot! Thank you for all the work you do, this thing has been awesome

So adrenalin didnt actually download any inf files, Searched through each subfolder, couldnt find anything. My workaround was downloading a graphics driver from the Asus site for the Asus vivobook go 14 with the same soc, and so far seems to be working good, we’ll see if any bugs arise, but as far as i can tell its good to go now. Thanks!