Closing lid on Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 13IML05 Chromebook does not cause it to suspend

Currently using Arch Linux with a Plasma 6 DE. Closing the lid does not cause it to suspend and when opening it causes a prompt to appear that shows “^@”. The only way to get back to the DE is by pressing CTRL + C which brings me back to SDDM. I have already followed the lid sensor workaround on the Arch wiki but I am not entirely sure if this the exact thing I am looking for.

Maybe try Fedora 40 and see if that works.

Sorry for the late reply. Have been a little busy. The live environment of Fedora has the same issue and so does Elly. It appears to be an issue with Cometlake board.

…and this is on the full uefi firmware?