CHRX: Resize ubuntu's partition without reinstalling linux?

running chrx with any args just reinstalls linux, but i’m already settled and have all my stuff installed and am logged in to my accounts and stuff. Is there any way to resize that partition without also reinstalling linux? if it helps, I am dual booting ChromeOS 114 with Ubuntu 23.10 on an ASUS c203c (it’s apollolake) (i got sound to work and stuff, it’s sick). some command i can run in crosh maybe?

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding here, but as this forum is dedicated to getting Linux/MacOS/Windows booting fully from the Chromebook…you can dual-boot things but it isn’t going to be the best experience.
If you were running the Full UEFI firmware install, I would say to boot to a live disk of a distro to chroot into the main install and change the partitions that way…but this is more of a custom install support place than a ChromeOS support place.
Here’s a link to the docs if needed.

Thank you for reminding me that I need to write a dual boot guide

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Preferably resize partitions on a disk while the disk is not in use to prevent data loss, but if you don’t want to do that then yeah you can resize the partitions from ChromeOS. fdisk and cfdisk are installed already.

Just remember to unmount the partition you’re resizing before you resize it.