CHRX does NOT work on HP 14/14A G5 Chromebook

Trying to set up CHRX on my chromebook because file management is cancerous on chromeOS. I followed all instructions to a T, Mr.Chromebox’s tools recognised my board and installed everything ok. CHRX installed with no errors. trying to us CTRL-L takes me to a screen with two options: UBoot and TitanoBoot. neither work, TitanoBoot just gives a loud angry beep and UBoot looks for boot images from USB. Any tips are highly appreciated! alternate methods are also appreciated.

Don’t expect CHRX to work. It hasn’t been updated in years. Follow the instructions on the docs for the latest, working directions.

the latest docs here? also thanks for responding

Idk what u mean but here’s a link to the docs:

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thank you!