ChromiumOS - anyone using it?

The reason I installed linux and uefi bios on my chromebook was to get away from google, as I dont have google account nor do I plan to use devices that require you to login with gmail to be used. same reason I use vanilla aosp / lineageos android.

I came accross chromium os
this should be the same thing as aosp android. vanilla OS without closed source google apps.

it seems they made it not user friendly on purpose. no ready made ISO files, have to build it from source etc.
Anyone using it?
Or any other flavor, if there are any distributions out there that are based on/forks of ChromiumOS?

As I have issues with touchscreen not working after wakeup from sleep on Fedora and Ubuntu, I’m thinking to try with the most similar OS to the original ChromeOS.
But considering this is most probably a firmware bug, and I have installed a custom firmware (mrchromebox uefi), i might face this same behaviour even on ChromiumOS if I manage to install it.
How come gentoo linux is not recommended./supported here, since it seems google forked gentoo to make chromeOS? Shouldn’t gentoo work pretty solid on those machines?

what would you try to do in order to solve the annoying touchscreen sleep bug?
If firmware is the issue, I guess i would have to restore the firmware back to stock and then try to install chromium OS on top of it…

The problem is chromeos relies on private overlays for building the image properly. Without them, many features stop working like audio for example. It is entirely possible but the experince using it is not very good.