Chromeos on rw_legacy

So I was able to use windows on a Chromebook using RW_Legacy by using dism to install windows directly onto a usb drive (not the installer actual windows,) I am able to boot but all the coolstar drivers don’t work. Do I need to use uefi full rom to use the coolstar drivers?

note: Intel drivers worked.

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100% yes

Do note only Linux is supported on rw-legacy

Windows is not supported on rw-legacy

Unsupported means:
Works: good for you!
Does not work: sucks, do it properly

I just thought it was weird that intel drivers worked, but it is probably just the way that the drivers interact with the uefi and legacy bios

at least I can play windows only games at full speed with a mouse :slight_smile:

it’s much simpler: the stock ChromeOS firmware doesn’t have the correct interface for coolstar’s drivers, the UEFI firmware does.

Well, at least I can play windows games on raw hardware without having to worry about my chromeos install

i was surprised it even booted to normal windows

most devices won’t, they BSOD with an ACPI error