Chromebook Lenovo Ideapad flex 5i win11?

Hey guys, I got the chromebook version. I thought that since there are versions of the flex 5i with windows it wouldn’t be hard to install windows on it. But apparently it’s impossible without losing touch screen , audio or usb hubs or even risking to brick it? Like why wouldn’t the 1335U firmware work on the 1215U and make everything work fine?

I don’t understand what your question is. Which processor your device has absolutely nothing to do with whether it can run Windows.

Chromebooks are not Windows PCs. It’s as simple as that. The Chromebook Flex 5i is not just a Windows Flex 5i with ChromeOS installed.

How about we start from the beginning: please specify in detail which Chromebook you have, and I’ll try to tell you whether or not you can install Windows on it.