Chromebook keyboard layout; how to bring back F keys?


I’m running a Chell device with MrChromebox firmware and Debian 12.5. I’m using KDE under Wayland, and with the Chromebook keyboard layout, I get my hotkeys in more or less fine, but I don’t seem to be able to use the underlying F-keys. For some things like F6, F7, F8, I don’t really use them much, but stuff like F2, F3, F4 and F5 it’s quite annoying to not have them anymore. Is there a way to get those back without switching completely to a generic layout?

Thanks for any insight.


You can use WeirdTreeThing’s script to download keyd and configure it for Chromebook layouts. The script asks you whether you want to invert the layout, i.e. use F1-F10 as F1-F10 and use meta+f-keys to access their special functions.

You can customize the configuration yourself by editing the .conf file stored in /etc/keyd

I think I have keyd working, but is there a way to unbind right shift for anything but a modifier and use it with my arrow keys to get back my Home/End/PgUp/PgDn within keyd? Worth noting that getting the changes to map properly required switching back to the Generic 104 Key layout.

On looking further into it with the man pages and all, I think I got it – I didn’t get rightshift to do what I wanted to, exactly, but rightalt seems to still be working.

It seems what’s happening is that right shift would likely work fine if it was being detected as right shift – it seems to be coming up in all test applications as being a copy of left shift. Right Alt works as is, however it does seem to be getting caught by other applications already having a use for ralt+whatever. I think what I need is to completely clear off a key to have an equivalent to Fn on anything else.

I did some testing, and if you add the line rightshift = rightshift under [main] it will correctly recognize the right shift key as right shift.

Well, keyd -m is now recognizing rightshift, sure, but it’s still being intercepted by programs trying to use it for text management or shortcuts outside what I set. What I was trying to do is set rightshift as my modifier for my arrow keys to get back home, end, pgup and pgdn. Is there a key you can think of that wouldn’t be intercepted for this? iso-level3-shift doesn’t seem to work for this despite that – it’s just not registering the key combination though it is at least not being intercepted.

@sedrosken I think you should create an issue / find answers / ask questions on the keyd repo. The things you’re trying to do isn’t specific to Chromebooks and you might get better help at keyd because you can talk to keyd contributors themselves.