Chromebook google-fennel14

device bricked, recovery mode not an option. Any information on where to look or what to do would be handy. Is there an OS aside from chromeOS for it yet? Any help is welcome. TIA

The docs has an unbricking guide

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The docs isn’t helpful at all. I had to obtain a .bin file from elsewhere.

You can obtain the file from a ChromeOS recovery file. Also, the firmware script should’ve put the backup on a USB drive for you. Did you lose it?

They are on arm lol. There is no firmware script.

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Should’ve made a backup manually then

Looks like extracting the firmware from the recovery image and then flashing manually with CCD is the best option right?

I have no clue what CCD is (never ever heard of it) but I do have the proper firmware and cable to fix it. No instructions anywhere as to how to do this. Any help would be great and much appreciated!

CCD is just closed case debugging with the SuzyQ.

Utilities to extract firmware from a recovery image if you need it: coreboot/util/chromeos at main · coreboot/coreboot · GitHub

Relevant page on the docs on how to flash manually using a SuzyQ: Unbricking/Flashing with a Suzy-Q cable | Chrultrabook Docs