Chromebook crashes when trying to install windows

so my Chromebook bluescreens when trying to boot the installation media and then it shows the stop code: DRIVER_PNP_WATCHDOG. The Chromebook that i am using is the Lenovo S345-I4AST. i have also attempted to make a windows go installation but it still didn’t work.

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If you could share your board name that would help a lot with troubleshooting. It’s possible your device may require some workaround.

Hi i think the board name of the device is either liara or grunt according to the serving builds (if this is not it then I’m not sure where i can find the board name)

LIARA would be correct for the board name.

Just as a heads up, that is a Stoney Ridge device, so Windows support on it is still in a very early/experimental stage. The devices themselves aren’t known for their prowess either.

You will need to use NTLite to add the eMMC driver to your installer. You can find the link to the driver that you will need to load on Coolstars website.

Thanks for the help

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Hi i just wanted to see if you knew how to fix this but when trying to install windows 10 (with the driver working) it says that there isnt enough storage

32GB is typically not enough for installing and running Windows. You probably need to use a less bloated version like IoT LTSC from Microsoft. An issue you’ll still run into is after you update and install any simple things the drive will instantly be full and unusable.

A few alternatives that I would recommend over putting it on the internal drive would be to make a Windows to Go USB using the iso you made with the eMMC patches, or to just run some Linux distro on the device.

32gb is plenty, its not that its not enough, its just not recommended

Apologies, but apparently I wasn’t 100% correct on this. If you use Rufus to write the ISO to your USB stick it should let you bypass that message. I haven’t tried this myself yet. But if it doesn’t let you still after using Rufus, it sounds like you can pre-make the partitions needed and then it’ll let you install.

That didnt work but dont worry i have found a way to do it by using rufus to make a windows to go usb then copying the partitions to the eemc and that seems to be working for the meantime.
Thanks for all the help btw

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Oh, thats probably what the issue was, you never created the partition

NO! you don’t create anything on the screen above. You install Windows into the unallocated space. This is standard procedure for installing Windows and allows it to create all of the partitions it needs.

When you attempt to use the entire drive it will still create these partitions for you