Chromebook Acer C752 information and NixOS installation


I am currently in hold of a acer c752 chromebook, seems to be quite a rare machine, as I found no information on it on both here and the . Would like to know any good advice on installing linux on it, it runs intel celeron so it seems to be a good fit and will do swiftly. But before that, want to ask if anyone has information on it regarding support and etc.
I opened it up right now to see how it’s internals are doing and it seems quite fine, going to replace the Nvme 2230 it has on it to a more higher capacity one when i get my hands on one. EDIT: turns out i was a dum-dum and that is not a SSD slot, but a internet card slot. Maybe I can paste an adapter there to make a way for the SSD. and then there i can put in a wifi antenna in the USB port. But i have very little info on it. Would much appreciate getting anything on it!

Gonna be glad to hear any good information on it and good resources to read up on.


The docs have all the information on finding out your Chromebook model.

If like you said your Chromebook is an Intel model, then 99% it is already on the list, just under a name that’s not “Acer C752”.