Chrome Keyboard Remap

I have an Acer laptop. The left most button is a windows search button that acts like a Windows key. Can you somehow reprogram the remap app to do something different like say. Assign that key to function as a capslock key? How would I do this ?

The most seamless way is to fork and customize GitHub - coolstar/VivaldiKeyboardTester: Vivaldi Keyboard driver simulator. I think with that you will be able to remap the Super key (the key with the search icon) to a capslock key. It’s not very fun to customize it though. As an example, here are the customizations that I made to make the keyboard shortcuts work like ChromeOS: Comparing coolstar:master...ChocolateLoverRaj:brightness-only · coolstar/VivaldiKeyboardTester · GitHub.

I’m not a computer programmer so. I’m not sure what this process entails. Is this how the original chrome remap was done ?

You can just use PowerToys.