Cant enable USB booting

I am trying to boot through a external 128gb ssd, but the wikihow didn’t work (big surprise). Can somebody tell me how I could enable this?

thanks, but i am trying to run it off ssd before installing. unless that has that as a step that i missed

I would say create a bootable Ventoy drive first
then stick the Windows Installer ISO (downloaded from MS) in there

Attach both External SSD USB and Bootable Ventoydrive USB --but boot to ventoy drive – and a select Windows 10/11 ISO

-Go through installation - but select your external SSD as the destination drive to install windows-
Then after installation is complete - you can reboot and unplug the ventoy USB drive and select External SSD USB as the bootup drive to load windows.

I think that’s what you’re trying to do - otherwise you need to be more specific - like how did you create that external 128GB SSD windows drive, since its not booting up.

would this work with ubuntu? bc im using that
and I cannot get USB booting to turn on

im just gonna make a new post with more detail

Regardless of where physically your alternate OS is stored (on internal or external storage) you will have to flash one of MrChromebox’s firmware options before you can boot it on a Chromebook.*

I’m assuming you want to leave ChromeOS intact (and still bootable) on your internal drive, in that case choose the “install RW_LEGACY” option.